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Managing for both where you are and where you want to be

Managing your investment portfolio to grow and mitigate risk, fully exploring tax reduction opportunities every year, planning the succession of your wealth and ensuring your legacy lasts for generations to come. There are countless considerations to make involving your current financial situation and the future you envision for you and your family.

Simplifying and coordinating your wealth management can ensure that all facets of your wealth are connected, ensuring, for instance, that asset allocation is done with tax planning and estate planning in mind.

Simplifying your wealth management and tailoring it to your needs not only has benefits for your wealth, but for yourself. Boutique family office wealth management means you will be taken care of, knowing that your family is on the receiving end of high-touch, customized wealth management from a team of fiduciary professionals will allow you and your family to focus on living the lives that you’ve already built.

Guided by our team of interdisciplinary financial professionals

Working with a boutique family office gives you an entire team of experts at your disposal. Tax planners, investment managers, risk managers, all united under one roof and with one purpose: helping you reach your financial goals.

Whether you’re wondering about the best investments for retirement or investing in private equity, Avidian Wealth Solutions has a team member that can guide recommendations using their expertise and intimate knowledge of your goals.

Increased collaboration, reduced risk

The coordination of your wealth management benefits your wealth in other ways, too. Coordinating all aspects of your wealth management in a family office environment can help streamline the process, reducing risk and ensuring that all aspects of your finances are working in harmony.

Risk management at Avidian is done with your entire financial plan in consideration. You can be sure that every part of your family’s finances will always be considered; our investment experts are in communication with our estate planning advisors, and our tax planners work with your retirement financial plans in mind.

Plus, because we are fiduciary financial advisors, you can be sure that you’re getting the highest level of privacy, confidentiality, and trust, which are so particularly vital for high-net-worth individuals and their families.

Cost-effective, family-office environment

Single-family offices usually cost a family about 1% of their total assets. White 1% might not seem like a lot, for high-net-worth families, this number can balloon quickly. How much should a family office cost? That question has a different answer. At Avidian Wealth Solutions we offer cost-effective family office wealth management because we believe that family office resources should be available to more high-net-worth families at more competitive rates.

Complimentary Portfolio Audit

Our conservative approach to wealth management is built to help our clients thrive through even the most turbulent market conditions.

Curious where you stand today? Schedule a meeting with our team and put your portfolio to the text.*

*Complimentary Portfolio Audit available only to those with $1m or more in investable net worth.