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Client & Avidian Team

The Avidian Way

  • Financial Planning

    As a high-net-worth individual, we understand that your financial needs are unique. As such, we offer tailored solutions designed to meet your individual objectives, mitigate risks, provide ongoing review and asset management, and track progress toward your goals.

    How we help:

    • Tax-sensitive strategies

    • Cross-team coordination with your existing attorneys, accountants, and advisors

    • A fiduciary commitment to acting solely in your best financial interest

    Learn more about our approach to high-net-worth financial planning

  • Tax Strategies

    With the right tax strategies, high-earning individuals and business owners can significantly reduce their taxable income. Our team can help you make strategic investments, take advantage of applicable deductions and credits, and apply strategies to minimize your overall tax liability.

    How we help:

    • Developing IRA and Roth IRA funding strategies

    • Tax-efficient retirement income planning

    • Strategic reviews of current tax returns

    Learn more about our approach to high-net-worth tax planning

  • Risk Management

    While risks are unavoidable, we can help you understand the risks associated with each area of your financial plan and establish risk management strategies to mitigate them. We use state-of-the-art technology and a time-tested approach to stay abreast of market conditions and trends and take an active role in managing your financial risks.

    How we help:

    • In-depth portfolio risk assessment and mitigation

    • Cash flow analysis and strategy development

    • Analyzing and optimizing your insurance coverage

    Learn more about our risk management strategies

  • Estate Planning

    High-net-worth estate planning is a critical component of financial security for individuals with significant assets. We help you take advantage of strategies such as trusts, asset protection, and charitable giving while staying on top of tax law changes to protect your hard-earned assets when transitioning them from one generation to the next.

    How we help:

    • Reviewing and updating wills, trusts, and other documents

    • Confirming and coordinating beneficiaries

    • Direct collaboration with your legal and accounting teams

    Learn more about our estate planning solutions

  • Investment Management

    The goal of any investment portfolio is to generate a return that exceeds the risks taken. Our multi-disciplinary team of financial professionals has a deep understanding of investments, markets, and risk management strategies that help protect and grow client wealth over time, working to achieve positive outcomes while managing risk exposure appropriately.

    How we help:

    • Thorough vetting and assembly of diverse investment opportunities

    • Meticulous monitoring, reallocation, and trading to maximize gains and minimize risk

    • Access to private offerings

    Learn more about our investment management strategies

About Avidian

Founded in 2003, Avidian is an independent wealth management firm that takes a holistic approach in providing solutions for our clients. Our professional team includes Certified Financial Planners®, Certified Public Accountants, MBAs, Attorneys, and Chartered Financial Analysts.

We collaborate as a team with you and your trusted network of professionals to ensure that all aspects of your finances are coordinated and working in line with your goals. Our engagement process is designed to help you make informed and confident decisions in the areas of financial planning, estate planning, tax strategies, risk management, and investment management.


5 Crucial Questions For Your Retirement

5 Crucial Questions For Your Retirement

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Avidian Wealth Solutions
is defined by three primary qualities:


Risk Management is an important component of our financial planning and asset management process. We strive to assist our clients in prudently addressing longevity, purchasing power, volatility, and principal risks.


Our financial planning and investment management processes are structured to ensure that all factors facing investors are fully vetted and considered when selecting appropriate strategies.


Creating unique solutions around every unique client, we focus on your best interest at all times.


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