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  • We collaborate with clients and their estate planning teams to:

    • ensure their documents are up to date and in line with their wishes

    • confirm account titling and beneficiary designations coordinate with their legal documents

  • We help clients define family and charitable gifting goals, then assist with evaluating and implementing strategies


  • We take a comprehensive approach to managing the risks of principal (having a specific investment go to zero), volatility (the risk of needing to sell a specific investment at an inopportune time), purchasing power (inflation), and longevity (the risk of outliving your assets)

  • Prudent strategies to address liquidity for estate tax funding, long-term health care needs, long-term disability, protecting your family from a premature death


  • Cash flow strategies to leverage or eliminate debt

  • Cash purchase versus financing analysis

  • Collateralized lending strategies


  • A coordinated and cost-effective investment strategy tailored for each client

  • Regular progress updates

  • A disciplined tax-sensitive process based on time-tested fundamentals

  • We utilize the best third-party solutions we can find, no proprietary products

  • Access to private offerings


  • Tax return strategic reviews

  • Optimize employer retirement plan contribution and distribution strategies

  • IRA and Roth IRA funding and utilization strategies

  • Tax efficient retirement income strategies

  • Estate tax strategies

  • Tax efficient gifting strategies

The Avidian Way Client
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About Avidian

Founded in 2003, Avidian is an independent wealth management firm that takes a holistic approach in providing solutions for our clients. Our professional team includes Certified Financial Planners®, Certified Public Accountants, MBAs, Attorneys, and Chartered Financial Analysts.

We collaborate as a team with you and your trusted network of professionals to ensure that all aspects of your finances are coordinated and working in line with your goals. Our engagement process is designed to help you make informed and confident decisions in the areas of asset management, debt management, tax strategies, risk management, and wealth transfer.


Layoff Survival Guide
Retirement Survival Guide

Layoff Survival Guide

8 tips to help you better protect yourself and your family in the event of a layoff.

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Retirement Survival Guide

We are happy to provide our guide including planning items to consider to survive and thrive in retirement.

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Avidian Wealth Solutions
is defined by three primary qualities:


Risk Management is an important component of our financial planning and asset management process. We strive to assist our clients in prudently addressing longevity, purchasing power, volatility, and principal risks.


Our financial planning and investment management processes are structured to ensure that all factors facing investors are fully vetted and considered when selecting appropriate strategies.


Creating unique solutions around every unique client, we focus on your best interest at all times.


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