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Investment Management in Houston

Fiduciary portfolio management for high-net-worth investors.

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The Houston RIA advisors at Avidian Wealth Solutions can help you meet your short- and long-term investment goals by leveraging both passive and active investment vehicles to craft a portfolio that works for you.

Our approach to total wealth management is driven by time-tested fundamentals and a disciplined, conservative process. Avidian’s fiduciary investment advisors in Houston are dedicated to working with you to create a comprehensive financial plan that meets your needs.


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Investment management services at Avidian

An in-house investment team dedicated to rigorous, disciplined investment selection

Investment opportunities can change by the day. That’s why it’s important that you work with a proactive investment management group focused on optimizing your portfolios based on market conditions. Our team of fiduciaries are fully equipped to monitor, reallocate, and sell — as necessary — positions within your portfolio regularly and meticulously. When you work with Avidian, you can rest assured that our dedicated in-house investment team is working daily to maximize gains, reduce risks, and protect your underlying investment capital.

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A cost-effective, tax-efficient platforms

At Avidian, we use top-of-the-line, third-party technology (no proprietary software products) to build “stress-tested,” tax-efficient, cost-effective, and customized portfolios for our clients. In conjunction with our comprehensive financial plans, these tools help us to create a truly coordinated investment strategy tailored to your specific investing goals and needs.

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Access to private securities

Avidian offers our clients access to private offerings. This allows qualified clients to invest in promising companies that aren’t publicly available. Note that private securities carry more inherent risk and are typically subject to higher fees and longer holding periods than public securities.

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Risk management

The degree of risk you assume should be determined by your financial needs. This is why our team of fiduciary professionals works with you to create a comprehensive, customized financial plan specific to your needs. Each of our investment strategies incorporates financial risk management, at all of its stages, with the goal of optimizing returns with volatility in mind.

To see how Avidian handles risk management, specifically investment risks, please visit our investment risk management page.

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