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Save for retirement the R.I.T.E. Way®

There’s no wrong way to save for retirement, but a R.I.T.E. way exists. R.I.T.E. stands for Retirement Income Taxed Efficiently — a federally trademarked process for planning for taxes in retirement created by Avidian financial and tax advisor, Scott Bishop. The R.I.T.E. plan looks at your current savings account(s) and decides when and how to utilize those “buckets” at opportune times and in the most tax-efficient way possible to create a stream of income during retirement.

Here is a visual that illustrates how your pre-retirement income can be funneled, distributed, and utilized using the R.I.T.E plan.

R.I.T.E plan

R.I.T.E. infographic on page 16 of the Retirement Survival Guide

In layman’s terms, this plan is designed to help you maximize your retirement income while minimizing your tax bill and you can learn all about it in our free-to-download Retirement Survival Guide.


Determine your retirement account

Those who are looking to optimize their retirement efforts often find themselves wondering, “where is the safest place to put your retirement money?” Unfortunately, the answer is not so black and white. When planning for taxes in retirement, you need to consider which retirement account is most appropriate for your specific needs. Would you benefit best from a tax-deferred account, like a traditional 401(k) and traditional IRA, where you lower your taxable income and pay taxes later? Or a tax-exempt account, like a Roth IRAs and Roth 401(k)s, where ​​withdrawals are tax-free but you pay taxes upfront?

Your financial advisor can help you to determine which type of tax-efficient retirement savings account would be best for your current financial circumstances and overall goals.


Look into charitable giving strategies

Did you know that charitable donations can be tax-deductible? If you are an individual who loves to give back, you may benefit from qualified charitable donations (QCDs) — a strategy in which you donate a portion of your retirement savings to charitable organizations while reducing your taxable income. This strategy also gives you more control over how and where your money or other types of donations (for example, stocks) are being spent. This can be a great strategy to reduce tax liability if done correctly and responsibly.

Our financial advisors can help you to determine how much of your savings to donate to qualified organizations and charities that will benefit you most.


Plan for the future through estate tax planning

One reason to prioritize estate planning is to be able to leave your loved ones with enough support that they can be taken care of financially. However, when you neglect retirement tax strategies as a crucial part of your financial plan, you could be hit hard with taxes on your estate, leaving your loved ones with less than you envisioned. You can begin safeguarding your retirement savings and assets for your loved ones by seeing what steps can be taken to reduce your federal estate taxes, including the creation of trusts, marital deductions, gift-giving, and more.

If you want to leave more behind, speak to your financial advisor about effective estate tax planning for your unique circumstances.

Tax planning for retirement can be simple with the help of Avidian Wealth Solutions

If you are searching for a wealth management firm to guide you around the ins and outs of retirement tax planning in Houston, Avidian Wealth Solutions is a firm like no other. Here is what we can offer prospective clients that allow us to stand out amongst other firms.

Fiduciary financial advisors

The financial advisors at Avidian Wealth Solutions are held to the fiduciary standard of care which means that our firm is legally obligated to act in your (the client’s) best interest. As fiduciary financial advisors, we will always be fully transparent about our processes with our clients. This can include disclosing any conflicts of interest, communicating to you openly about your options, and only making decisions that align with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Our services are tailored towards your specific financial circumstances and every decision is made with you and your goals in mind.

Multi-disciplinary team

In financial planning, your needs cannot always be met with just one advisor assisting you. Unlike most other wealth management firms in the area, Avidian operates in highly-specialized and experienced multi-disciplinary teams to provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to financial planning. This structure allows us to view your financial plan as a whole and make decisions based on how each aspect of your financial plan affects one another. This feature is incredibly beneficial for high-net-worth individuals looking for advice on tax planning for retirement.

Boutique family office experience

Avidian is making the family office model more accessible for everyone from high-net-worth families to large and small business owners and entrepreneurs. As a boutique family office, our services are similar to that of a single-family office — however, we are able to offer you a wide range of financial services, such as planning for taxes in retirement, with more customization capabilities, and in a more cost-effective manner than a traditional family office. By partnering with our firm for your financial needs, you’ll gain access to the first-class treatment you’d get in your own family office, but without the steep overhead.

Luke Patterson
Luke Patterson CEO, CIO