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Alternative Investing Strategies

Bring balance to your portfolio with alternative investments.

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High-net-worth investors looking to diversify and balance their investments may want to consider having more than just stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in their portfolios. For sophisticated investors alternative investments can bring further diversification to their portfolios, ideally allowing them to maximize returns — if they make the right investments.

The type of alternative investment strategies you decide to implement will depend on your current portfolio’s needs and the conditions of the market. It won’t always be the right time to buy real estate, but private capital opportunities might present themselves — it all depends on the place and time.

If you are a qualified investor, Avidian can help implement alternative investment management strategies into your current portfolio. Our wealth management team has experience investing in alternative assets and can provide access to a menu of private funds. While Avidian Wealth Solutions has physical offices for investment management in Austin and Houston, we also work wherever you are. Contact us today to ask about how alternative investing strategies can bring your investment portfolio the balance it needs.


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What are alternative investments?

Alternative investments are investment options that fall outside of traditional investment classes like stocks and bonds. “Alternative investment” is an umbrella term used to describe a number of tangible and financial assets that can be added to complement traditional investments in a high-performing portfolio.

How can alternative investing strategies bring diversification and balance to a portfolio? They are typically less severely impacted by market volatility than traditional assets like stocks and bonds, as they are not tied to the market. In certain environments, they can help to increase returns, generate passive income, and mitigate certain risks in your portfolio.

Taking advantage of the benefits in the many types of investment alternatives requires smart, strategic investing, as alternative assets all come with their own specific sets of risks. Working with a fiduciary investment management team, with experience in minimizing risks and investing in alternative investments, can help you select and access the right investments for your financial situation.

Types of alternative investments Avidian might recommend

How will you know what to buy, and when? There are countless types of alternative investments that might strengthen any given portfolio, but these opportunities can change rapidly, and depend on the portfolio as much as the opportunities themselves. Some alternative investment examples that might fit within your portfolio include:

  • Hedge funds: High-risk, high-reward prospects in which investors pool their money to invest in publicly traded securities across global markets.
  • Private capital: This includes any investment in private companies that can later be sold off for a profit. This usually includes buying failing companies looking to bounce back or investing in promising startups poised to grow exponentially.
  • Real estate: Property can be a great hedge against inflation as it is not dependent on market performance.
  • Managed futures: Managed futures funds attempt to take advantage of shifting tides during market declines.
  • Commodities: Commodities include tangible assets like gold, minerals, oil, natural gas, or grain. These are usually bought low and held through inflation or market booms before being sold.

Each of these investments will come with its own set of risks and rewards. In general, investing in alternative investments exposes you to significant liquidity risks, as these investments are largely illiquid. It is important to complete a thorough due diligence when considering an alternative investment as they are unregistered and not subject to the same regulations and oversight as a publicly traded asset.

Incorporate alternative investment management strategies into your portfolio with Avidian Wealth Solutions

Boutique family office environment

Avidian offers our clients a cost-effective boutique family office experience, providing comprehensive and intimate services similar to that of a single-family office, without the hefty price tags.

At Avidian, our multidisciplinary team of financial professionals collaborates to consider the various elements of your wealth. Because nothing is done in a vacuum within the family office environment, partnering with Avidian for alternative investing strategies means that you get the perspective of our tax, risk, and retirement professionals.

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Research-based, time-tested risk management

Although alternative investments are not impacted by market volatility in the same way that traditional investment vehicles are, there is always risk involved when making any kind of investment.

When managing your finances, Avidian implements time-tested risk management strategies so that you can feel confident that risk is considered from every angle.

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Recognizing and reducing taxes

Alternative investment strategies present a wide range of investment opportunities, but that also means that they present a wide range of complex tax implications. Do not go into any form of alternative investment without first knowing how to implement the proper tax planning strategies necessary to keep your tax liability as low as it can be.

Because of Avidian’s boutique family office environment, you can feel confident that any investment decisions made are made with the intimate counsel of our highly credentialed tax planners in mind.

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Align your investment goals with your retirement goals

High-net-worth investors know that investing is all about playing the long game. You’re not just in the market for a day, and your needs and ambitions likely won’t go away overnight. This is why anyone serious about the long-term success of their portfolio should consider aligning their investment strategy with their retirement planning strategies as another way to help ensure that the choices being made within their portfolios are taking them exactly where they want to go.

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