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Investment Risk Management

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Risk is inherent to all investing, and as such, is something that no one can entirely avoid while attempting to grow their portfolio and meet their long-term goals. This doesn’t mean you should avoid investing when risk is involved, rather that you should make the most informed decisions possible to increase your opportunity and reduce risk. How do you do this?

You identify, assess, and mitigate the risks associated with each asset, the market, and your current portfolio, among other things. There are many types of risk in risk management, and accurately assessing the many threats that these risks pose to your portfolio can be a full-time job for serious investors.

That’s where Avidian Wealth Solutions comes in. Avidian brings deep experience in managing risk and the ability to holistically analyze your finances. We offer an optimized wealth management experience to high-net-worth investors, families, and business owners looking to simplify their wealth management experience, mitigate their risk, and focus on enjoying their lives.


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What is investment risk management?

Investment risk management is a vital piece of any worthwhile investment management strategy. In order to properly mitigate risk, you must first properly identify and manage the many different types of risk. What is risk in investment? Investment risk can come from many places. A few significant ones include:

  • Market risks are the risks inherent to investing in a market that you cannot control. Market risks generally manifest in investment values declining due to unstable market conditions, and are often caused by inflation, interest rates, and significant economic events.
  • Liquidity risk is the risk that an investor with low liquidity may not be able to sell an asset when they need cash. Liquidity risk not being managed can result in an investor’s hands being tied even when they know what decisions they need to make.
  • Operational risks often manifest in human error, bad information or processes, or system complications. Operational risks can cause you to miss opportunities, and cause other types of risk to be less manageable due to lack of information or action.

The job of an advisor who provides investment risk strategies is not done when the risk has been assessed, however. It is important to continuously monitor risk in order to keep up with market conditions and maintain operational excellence.

The investment risk management framework at Avidian

What makes risk management at Avidian different? Avidian uses a customized and conservative approach to all types of risk management, prioritizing your goals and the health of your portfolio over trying to outperform.

At Avidian, we get to know your finances on a deeper level this is why we offer you access to a multidisciplinary team of fiduciary financial professionals. We believe that by working in collaboration, united under common goals, we can help you make informed decisions focused on reducing your investment risk and optimizing your financial life.

After our team develops your investment risk management plan, because proper risk management is always an ongoing effort, Avidian will continue to monitor several types of investment risk, including:

  • Principal risk involves your principal investment losing all of its value.
  • Volatility includes the need to correct in turbulent markets, necessitating the sale of specific investments at inopportune times.
  • Purchasing power is heavily correlated with inflation and interest rates reducing the value of your investments.
  • Longevity includes adjusting your risk tolerance and management plan to ensure that your investments are lined up with the timelines of your goals.

Why partner with Avidian for your investment risk management needs?

Research-based and time-tested risk management strategies

We believe that good investment risk management starts with disciplined and research-based investment selection. Although investment opportunities change by the day, we do not recommend trying to time the market. While our advisors monitor, reallocate, and sell as needed, your investments will be guided by a conservative and time-tested approach based on your needs.

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Diversification and balance

Investment portfolios should be comprised of more than just stocks and bonds. Diversification and balance in a portfolio are not just intended to mitigate risk, but also to help encourage your portfolio to grow.

With Avidian Wealth Solutions, qualified investors gain access to a menu of private and alternative investments that can bring further diversification, and help the investors themselves chart new territory.

We not only have the fiduciary financial professionals to help you build a balanced portfolio of vetted investments but the ability to help you implement tax strategies that can be beneficial to your portfolio.

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The holistic structure of a boutique family office environment

Avidian makes the boutique family office experience available to all of our high-net-worth individuals, families, and business owners. Traditional single-family office environments require an immense amount of planning, hiring, and organizing to get all of your financial life under one roof — not to mention being quite cost-prohibitive.

At Avidian Wealth Solutions we offer a simpler and more cost-effective single-family office experience. Our multidisciplinary team of finance professionals collaborates under one roof to help manage various aspects of your financial life.

We work towards optimizing more than just your portfolio, we look holistically at your family’s wealth in collaboration for efficiency and thoroughness — but also to allow you to enjoy what you’ve already built, helping to put your mind at ease with the knowledge that your finances are being managed with an eye toward your future.

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Align your portfolio with your future with retirement planning

Avidian offers retirement planning services that, when combined with our investment risk management framework, can help you with plans on your journey to securing prosperity in the future.

Our retirement planning services include retirement income planning, retirement tax planning, and estate planning for those looking for a partner to help to ensure that their wealth is passed down with their plan in mind.

It’s never too early to begin planning for the future of your family. With Avidian Wealth Solutions, you can begin making that future a reality now.

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