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Endowments and Foundation Services

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Endowments and foundations are pivotal entities in our society and provide critical support for charitable, educational, and social causes. With large assets at their disposal, endowments and foundations possess the potential to maximize the impact they leave on communities and individuals alike. However, with this potential for change comes responsibility for proper management and stewardship of funds.

Enter Avidian Wealth Solutions, a dedicated financial partner equipped with the knowledge, experience, and commitment to help guide foundations and endowments in their mission.

We take our role as your co-fiduciary and financial partner seriously, emphasizing long-term sustainability through customized portfolio management. In addition, we offer Investment Policy Statement consultation along with ongoing support and education for Board governance best practices. Finally, where applicable, we can help you garner increased donor support while making sure that donors are gifting in a tax-efficient manner and making the most impact with their contributions.

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Why choose Avidian Wealth Solutions as your financial partner for your endowment or foundation?

Customized investment and risk management services

Through a combination of tailored portfolio management and proactive financial risk management strategies, we strive to enhance the overall financial well-being of our clients, helping you optimize returns while considering your organization’s spending requirements and upholding ethical and social objectives.

Avidian’s investment team is experienced in crafting personalized portfolios that align precisely with the unique goals and risk tolerance of your endowment or foundation, all while adhering to UPMIFA standards.

Further, our advisors actively work to mitigate risks by implementing diversification strategies and employing risk management techniques. These efforts aim to protect the financial stability of endowments and foundations, offering potential resilience against market fluctuations and economic uncertainties.

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Strategic planning and experienced advice

Our team plays a crucial role in shaping comprehensive financial strategies by collaborating closely with organizations including endowments and foundations. We offer holistic advice that encompasses your organization’s entire balance sheet, taking into account your mission, funding needs, and long-term plans. This collaborative effort helps in crafting tailored financial plans that are aligned with your specific objectives.

Our team leverages its expertise to guide donors through complex financial matters by providing tax-efficient charitable gifting strategies and high-net-worth financial planning strategies. This makes sure that donors can gain clarity and confidence in their charitable contributions, working to foster a more informed and impactful approach to philanthropy.

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Ongoing educational support and tax benefits education

Avidian provides comprehensive educational resources tailored for endowments, foundation boards, and management teams. Through our extensive library of information, your organization can gain valuable insights into investment strategies and financial complexities, enabling you to make better-informed decisions.

Additionally, our knowledge extends to laying out the advantages of the different tax planning strategies associated with different donation methods, with a focus on emphasizing to potential donors how strategies like appreciated securities or donor-advised funds can optimize their impact while maximizing endowment and foundation tax benefits.

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Transparent reporting and accountability

Avidian provides regular performance reports and evaluations, keeping your organization informed about its financial health, investment progress, and adherence to its established goals. Through this level of transparency, we aim to build trust and accountability with all of our clients, working to keep your best interest at the forefront.

In essence, Avidian acts as a strategic partner, leveraging our depth of financial knowledge and experience to assist endowments and foundations in managing their assets and supporting the long-term sustainability of their missions. By partnering with us, you can work toward gaining confidence in your financial decisions and focus on making a meaningful impact in your community.

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Optimized investments through Avidian OCIO services

Discover the benefits of Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) services offered by Avidian. In this service model, Avidian takes on the responsibility of managing investment portfolios for various institutions, including non-profits, endowments, and foundations. Our primary goal is to provide professional investment management, strategic guidance, and oversight to help organizations achieve their financial objectives.

For non-profit organizations, meeting fiduciary standards is paramount. Avidian assists in this duty through its seasoned investment team, strategic asset allocation, manager selection and monitoring, risk management, and specialized solutions like cash flow matching and liability-driven investing. Our comprehensive approach ensures transparent compliance and reporting, allowing non-profits to access top-tier investment management services, focus on their core mission, and make informed decisions aligned with fiduciary standards.

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What is the difference between endowments vs. foundations?

Foundations and endowments, while both serving charitable purposes, carry distinct characteristics.

So, what is a foundation? A foundation is usually funded by a single entity, such as an individual, family, or corporation, and uses its funds primarily to make grants to other charitable organizations and individuals. They are governed by a specific set of rules, with a mandate to distribute a certain percentage of their funds annually for charitable activities.

On the other hand, an endowment is a fund that is typically established by nonprofit organizations such as universities, museums, or hospitals. The principal amount in an endowment remains intact while only a portion of the investment income is spent. This allows the endowment to grow over time and provides a permanent source of funding for the organization’s activities. The use of endowment funds is often restricted to specific purposes as defined by the donor.

In essence, while both foundations and endowments support charitable activities, they differ in their funding sources, management, and distribution of funds. If you’re interested in optimizing your endowment or foundation’s financial strategy, schedule a consultation with one of our advisors today.

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