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I brought my team to Avidian Wealth 7 years ago to help grow the firm’s financial planning capabilities. If you are worried about fee compression for your investment advisory book of business and are thinking about adding Financial Planning and Wealth Management services for your clients, Avidian may be a solution for you. At Avidian, we try to coordinate our client’s financial, estate, and retirement plans with their overall investment and portfolio management to create a more holistic and customized investment solution tied to our client’s goals.

If your current firm does not allow you to really offer comprehensive financial planning advice, it may be time to consider a change to both protect your book and to offer a deeper service to your clients. The financial planning department and other advisors at Avidian wealth can help you grow your knowledge in this area and help cement your relationship with your clients.

Scott Bishop Executive Director of Wealth Solutions

We chose independence for the freedom, flexibility, and control to design and run an optimal practice centered around our clients. Our clients deserved more, and our team deserved more.

We chose Avidian because of their culture and deliverables. It is refreshing having everyone in the firm focused on providing the best possible client and advisor experience. With no outside influence or distractions, we can focus solely on our clients and their needs. Providing the latest technology, common sense compliance, an open architecture investment platform, an extended team of highly credentialed professionals, and an atmosphere of collaboration, Avidian has delivered for our team.

Hear Robert’s story and learn more about his journey from UBS to Avidian on the Mindy Diamond on Independence podcast.

Robert Harris Sr. Wealth Advisor
Innovative Technology

The Financial service industry is changing at a rapid pace and we aim to keep you on the cutting edge when serving clients with innovation and excellence. Our drive to provide advisors the best tools available continues to be the focus of our Technology Leadership Team. Through these efforts, we have implemented a Tech Stack that is second to none. Our Tech offerings continually grow and evolve as we discover new ways to assist our advisors with delivering the best client experience possible.

Exceptional Planning Capabilities

You may want choices when offering planning services to your clients. Money Guide Pro and eMoney are both available to our advisors. We further enhance your capabilities by providing access to our in-house planning team who are available to assist with planning services, answer client questions, co-present plans and offer guidance on important planning topics.

Top Tier Research & Trading

Our investment management team provides a range of solutions and services focused on the best desired outcomes for our clients and their advisors. Our in-house team utilizes research from top institutions, along with trading capabilities focused on a core/satellite approach. We can work with any advisor as we utilize a wide variety of ETF, individual stock strategies, and Separately managed accounts, along with individual bonds and bond ETFs. Your Accredited and Qualified clients will also have access to a host of Alternative Investments including Private Funds.

Best in Breed Reporting & Billing System

One of the most important aspects of investment management for a firm is efficient reporting and billing. We utilize Orion to give our advisors the best tools for watching over the assets of the families they have been entrusted with. We’ve customized our processes to create an extremely effective and accurate billing system with a user-friendly interface.

Industry Leading Custodians

At Avidian, we only partner with the best custodians to house the assets of our hard-working clients. Our assets are custodied at Fidelity, Schwab, and Millennium Trust.

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The Highest Standards of Excellence

Our partners benefit from the scale and synergies of a larger collaborative enterprise while maintaining control and having certainty at the time of succession. We carefully select our partners based on the highest standards of excellence and together form a powerful network that supports productive relationships through the sharing of resources and best industry practices.

A Growing Movement

Avidian is at the forefront of a growing movement in the wealth management industry toward transparency and independence, and we’re always looking for qualified, experienced advisors to join our team. The Avidian Wealth Solutions partnership solution allows for more certainty and control of your future.

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