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Boutique Family Office Experience

Our approach to customized, comprehensive, and cost-effective wealth management.

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In-house family offices often attract ultra-high-net-worth families due to their ability for customization, diversification of their services, and ability to provide increased privacy. Fortunately, families looking for a similar experience without the steep overhead and time-commitment it takes to run a traditional family office have a different option.

Avidian Wealth Solutions offers a boutique family office experience, similar to that of a traditional single-family office, that is available to high-net-worth individuals, families, and business owners.

Through this model, we are able to offer our clients a cost-effective solution for family office services with a more comprehensive approach to wealth management. These services can include tax strategizing, high-net-worth retirement planning, and financial planning for business owners.

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Making the family office experience more accessible

So, what is a family office and why is it so sought after? A single-family office is categorized as a separate business entity owned and run by affluent families that aims to centralize and manage all aspects of the family’s finances. The traditional family office strategy revolves around the family taking all of their planning into their own hands, and hiring a team of financial professionals who only work for them — but you don’t have to navigate the ups and downs of owning and managing your own family office to reap the benefits with Avidian.

With Avidian Wealth Solutions, everyone from high-earning families to large and small business owners and entrepreneurs can experience the benefits of the family office environment. The use of the family office methodology that dedicates time and energy to your private wealth needs is what sets us apart from other wealth management firms. You get to enjoy your hard-earned wealth with your family while we work to remove the stress from your life.

Why hire a boutique family office?

Customized wealth management

Avidian’s boutique family office creates a diverse suite of wealth solutions catered to your family’s needs including:

Our team collaborates to consider how each aspect above fits into your overall financial planning vision, short and long-term, with regard to your tax and risk management plan. We aim to keep your family at the forefront of all financial decisions to prepare the next generation to carry on your legacy.

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Cost-effective solutions

If you’ve ever wondered “how much money do you need for a family office?” You should know that a single-family office commonly costs anywhere from 1-2% of the family’s total assets. Unfortunately, this cost can add up quickly for many affluent families. Avidian Wealth Solutions offers cutting-edge solutions and family office services, all at a more cost-effective rate — and because we are a fiduciary wealth management firm, you can trust that we have your best interests at heart.

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Work with an experienced team of professionals

Most affluent families employ a jumble of disconnected specialists including advisors, accountants, and lawyers who are not aligned on your goals, leaving your financial plan susceptible to error. At Avidian, we work within teams of professionals who understand vital parts of your customized wealth management plan and are united under your overall goals.

Avidian’s boutique family office experience offers you access to a multidisciplinary team that is comprised of highly credentialed and experienced Certified Financial Planners™, investment specialists, investment analysts, estate planning specialists, and MBAs each dedicated to supporting you through every step of your financial journey.

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Reduce potential risk across your financial plan

While you can’t always predict the unexpected, you can plan for it. Our family office environment consolidates your wealth management through one channel, greatly reducing the risk for error that can come with disconnected planning efforts. Because of this, the high-net-worth financial advisors at Avidian Wealth Solutions are able to implement your risk management plan across all areas of your financial life, including your investments, taxes, business, retirement, estates, and more.

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