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Estate planning solutions are a vital part of protecting your assets and securing your legacy after your time has passed. While this process may seem daunting and complex, the right guidance from trusted advisors acn make the estate planning process feel simple and natural.

At Avidian Wealth Solutions, we handle all the hard parts for you, working with your existing estate planning attorney to create a comprehensive plan that aims to make sure that your wishes are carried out exactly how you envisioned, and that your hard-earned wealth goes where it’s supposed to — towards the futures of the ones you love.

Despite having physical offices providing estate planning in Houston and Austin, we have the ability to serve you no matter what city you call home. Schedule a conversation with us today to learn more!


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Why partner with Avidian for your estate planning services?

Analysis of your trusts, wills, and asset protection plans

For most people, trusts, wills, and assets are what immediately come to mind when they think of estate planning. While wills and trusts are fundamental to wealth transfer, retirement planning, and estate planning, they may not always align with each other.

This is why our advisors pay close attention to your objectives and the complexities unique to your estate, so that they can craft a plan that will align them both. We can also collaborate with your estate planning attorney to work toward shielding the wealth you leave behind from probate, setting it up to be available to your beneficiaries in the manner you envisioned. With our personalized and coordinated approach, we help you work towards securing your legacy and bringing peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

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Coordination with your estate attorney

Estate planning services require the expertise of an experienced estate attorney who plays a pivotal role in helping you draft and supervise your wills and trusts.

While we are not estate planning attorneys, our family office approach aims to take the burden off of your shoulders by managing the coordination of your entire financial team, including your estate attorney.

We work to ensure your assets and documents are properly managed such that you and your attorneys are able to work seamlessly. If you haven’t created a relationship with an estate attorney yet, we are able to provide recommendations for experienced professionals in your area.

Note: Trusts and wills should be created by and/or in conjunction with an attorney. While Avidian does not create these documents, we can work closely with your attorney to make sure all records remain up-to-date and in keeping with your goals.

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Consideration of your tax strategies

Wealth transfer in estate planning entails the critical understanding and application of tax planning strategies. Various taxes, such as estate taxes and gift taxes, can erode the amount you intend to pass on to your loved ones and your future charitable giving plans.

At Avidian, we recognize the significance of tax planning in the estate planning process and can offer guidance on different tax strategies that may help minimize your tax liability. We strive to educate our clients on the available options and assist in implementing the most effective tax-saving strategies possible.

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Assistance with titling and beneficiary designations

Creating a comprehensive estate plan involves creation and alignment of a vast amount of complex documentation. Several of these considerations, such as retirement accounts, insurance accounts, wills, and trusts, necessitate designating and titling beneficiaries. Failure to align these choices across policies can cause a legal and financial mess for your heirs.

Our financial advisors conduct a thorough review of your documents and policies to verify their alignment both with one another and with your larger financial planning strategy. Additionally, we keep track of significant life events and recommend updates to your financial plan, including beneficiary designations, as necessary.

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What is the difference between a will and estate planning?

The primary difference between a will and estate planning is that a will is primarily used to designate the distribution of assets, while estate planning services encompass all aspects of wealth transfer. Estate planning involves not only creating a valid, legally binding will, but also considering taxes, beneficiary designations, trusts, insurance policies, asset protection plans, current investment management strategies, retirement accounts, and more.

This is why it’s so crucial that you work with a skilled financial team and estate planning attorney to make sure that your estate plan is comprehensive and up-to-date. Your financial advisor’s role in estate planning is to help coordinate the efforts of your entire financial team and verify that all documents are in sync with one another, helping you to avoid legal issues, confusion, and tax liabilities that could arise after you’ve passed away.

At Avidian, we understand the importance of establishing an effective plan that upholds your wishes and safeguards the financial future of your loved ones. We are here to help guide you through the entire process.

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