What Is A Family Office?


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We are committed to acting solely in your best financial interests

What is the difference between a fiduciary and suitability standard? There is a key difference between a financial advisor vs. fiduciary financial advisor – the standard of care. Those who follow the fiduciary standard of care — like the fiduciaries at Avidian — are legally required to make decisions and suggestions that are in the client’s best interest only — disregarding what may benefit the advisor themselves or the firm overall. This includes:

  • Disclosing all information
  • Being fully transparent
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest that could be a detriment to the client

In previous years, non-fiduciaries — also known as broker-dealers — were only held to what is called the suitability standard. The suitability standard only required these broker-dealers to practice fair dealing and best execution, meaning the advisor could act in his/her own best interests as long as the recommendations made were considered suitable for you. Under the suitability standard, broker-dealers were not legally obligated to put your best interest before theirs.

In 2020, a new standard of care for broker-dealers was passed called the “Regulation Best Interest” (or Reg BI) in order to put the client’s interests before theirs — however, this standard is still not legally binding, meaning there is no guarantee that your needs will be met solely before theirs will. This is why working with a fiduciary wealth management firm, such as Avidian Wealth Solutions, is so important.

We offer a higher standard of care

Unlike other types of brokers, fiduciaries are legally obligated to make decisions that serve your best interests and provide you with the highest standard of care: the fiduciary standard. By partnering with the multi-disciplinary team of fiduciary advisors at Avidian Wealth Solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that our fiduciary financial advisors will do whatever they can to suit your needs as it is their fiduciary duty to you.

For example, if you are an affluent individual who needs financial guidance in areas such as high-net-worth wealth management or high-net-worth retirement, our fiduciary financial advisors are able to work with you to develop a wealth management plan that protects and considers each aspect of your financial circumstances, helping you feel more secure in your financial future.

Customized wealth solutions

The fiduciaries at Avidian offer customized services such as fiduciary investment management, tax strategy, estate planning, and more to meet your goals with advice made to benefit you and you only. As fiduciaries, we focus on long-term goals with a more conservative approach, which translates to efficient and effective planning advice tailored to serve you best in both the short and long run.

Full transparency in all that we do

When it comes to financial planning, transparency is arguably one of the most important traits in an advisor-client relationship. You are putting your trust and your finances into the hands of a stranger, making the need for transparency all the more important, especially in regards to compensation and transactions.

As fee-based fiduciary wealth managers, we are legally obligated to disclose potential conflicts of interest and may only make transactions that align with your needs, goals, and risk tolerance. With Avidian as your fiduciary partner, you can trust that you are putting your financial needs into hands that are only concerned about how decisions compare to your total financial plans and risk tolerance.

Luke Patterson
Luke Patterson CEO, CIO