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Published on: 11/12/2021

Jeffrey Levine

Scott Bishop, Executive Director of Wealth Solutions for Avidian Wealth Solutions, hosts a special edition of The Money Hour with Tax, Retirement and Financial Planning Guru Jeffrey Levine, CFP®, CPA/PFS, CWS, and AIF.  On today’s show, Scott and Jeffrey went into detail on both the current status of President Biden’s Build Back Better Act and updates on what you should be considering for year-end tax and financial planning.

Jeffrey is a knowledgeable financial advisor and a thought leader nationally in tax and financial planning.  He has also been named as of Investopedia’s top 100 Financial Advisors in America (just like our own Scott Bishop).  Scott has known Jeffrey since his days as one of Ed Slott’s top tax and retirement Gurus before he left for Buckingham Strategic Wealth and is a frequent contributor to Michael’s “Nerds Eye View” Blog.  You can follow Jeffrey on Twitter (@CPAPlanner) where he is a prolific poster of top-notch tax and financial planning ideas.  Jeff is also the author of “The Financial Advisors Guide to Savvy IRA Planning” and is frequently sought after by journalists in the WSJ, USA Today, NY Times, CNBC, and other media for his tax and financial planning wisdom.

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