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Published on: 09/21/2016

Jo Middleton, CSA, CBC, SGS

Scott Bishop, Director of Financial Planning and Jim Munchbach, Senior Financial Planner at Avidian Wealth hosted a special edition of the STA Money Hour with Jo Middleton, CSA, CBC, SGS.  Jo is a specialist in educating individuals on how to best utilizing Medicare and Obamacare insurance to meet their needs.  With the enrollment date of Medicare beginning on October 15, today’s show will highlight the issues and decisions of properly enrolling for Medicare to better meeting your needs – whether it is your first time enrolling or if you are reviewing your options you will hear valuable information. If you have any follow-up questions for Jo, check out her website for her firm TradeMark Insurance or contact us at Avidian Wealth.  For a summary related to the October 15th Medicare Open Enrollment and your options, see this article by Scott Bishop.

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