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Published on: 08/04/2021

Mindy Diamond show featuring Robert Harris

Thank you so much to Diamond Consultants – Financial Advisor Recruiters and Consultants for having our very own Robert Harris, CFP® on the Mindy Diamond on Independence Podcast!

During their fascinating chat, Robert walks Louis Diamond through his journey from $750mm in managed wealth at a wirehouse to his new home at Avidian, and the difference this switch has made for he and his clients.

Robert candidly shares his story with Louis Diamond, including:

The value of a partnership to both the clients and business—and how they are challenged when individuals find themselves with disparate visions and goals.

The potential impact of retire-in-place-programs (such as UBS’s ALFA) on team members at different phases of their careers—and what each advisor needs to think about when a partner is considering signing on.

The process one goes through when breaking up a team—and how Robert resolved that, both emotionally and financially.

The pushes and pulls that led Robert away from UBS—and how, after exploring different options, he was drawn to independence.

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