Financial Planning

Financial Planning: What the IRS’s $80 billion in funding means for your tax return

Scott Bishop, the executive director of wealth solutions at Avidian Wealth Solutions in Houston, said the agency would be competing for private sector accountants who get paid more. 


Avidian Wealth Solutions Welcomes Highly Credentialed Wealth Manager, Jared Kenney

Avidian Wealth Solutions has recently joined forces with experienced wealth management professional Jared Kenney. Kenney joins the team at Avidian Wealth Solutions with more than 16 years of financial services experience and a wealth of specialized knowledge and expertise.


Panic is not an investment strategy. How financial advisers can help you think through the unthinkable.

So how do advisers help clients prepare for the worst and be optimistic? It’s helpful to transform anxiety into action, which gives clients a sense of control over what’s to come. Devising an action plan makes people feel as if they’re ready for anything, even calamities.

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Voyage Houston: Meet Scott Bishop of Avidian Wealth Solutions

Avidian Wealth has given me the support to offer the services the way we want…


Young, Wealthy Investors are Flocking to Alternative Investments

“I think everybody’s very worried about the stock market, and if they’re in their 40s, they’ve probably been burned a couple of times,” he said.

Financial Planning

Recent Heirs to Retirement Plans Win a Surprise Tax Reprieve from the IRS

That means more money can compound over a decade. But it can also create what Scott Bishop, the executive director of wealth solutions at Avidian Wealth Solutions in Houston, called a “tax time bomb,” in which heirs pay one-time larger tax bills because they have to pull out larger amounts over a shorter period of time. 


Gloom casts a pall over the stock market. Financial experts say these are the ways you can stay invested.

For financial planner Scott Bishop, of Avidian Wealth Solutions in Houston, Texas, the market downturn…

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Recession is Coming: Is Your Passive Income From Dividend Stocks Safe?

Scott Bishop, a certified financial planner and executive director of Avidian Wealth Solutions notes that,…


More advisors turn to alternative investments to further diversify their clients in volatile market

After battling downturns in the stock and bond markets, more financial advisors looking to further…

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