COVID Retirement

Scott Bishop speaks to Jimmy Barrett and Shara Fryer on 740KTRH.

Think Advisor

11 Big Investing Mistakes Advisors, Clients Made: Advisors’ Advice

Investment mistakes are par for the course for anyone putting money into financial markets, but…

Houston CPA Forum

Houston CPA Society Form (October/November 2020)

Although the stock market has started to rally, many sectors have yet to rebound.  That…

Discover Financial

How to Handle a Pay Cut: Budgeting in Uncertain Times

Are you stressed by an income reduction? Try these budgeting tips to survive a pay…

Crush The Street

Democrats Want a Wealth Tax. Jamie Dimon Says It’s Impossible

With a make-or-break election in sight, a crucial decision looms that will determine the course…

The Dallas Morning News

Is it wise to build a retirement on real estate?

Real estate is Americans’ No. 1 pick for a solid long-term investment, a place it…


You may never see it as good as it is now’: Some wealthy Americans are prepping their finances for a possible Joe Biden presidency — here’s how

San Francisco accountant Scott Hoppe had a client who was planning to stretch the sale…


What Is A REIT?

A REIT, or real estate investment trust, is a company that owns, operates or finances…

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