Investors have put $43 billion in dividend-paying funds this year. Before you ‘chase dividends,’ here’s what to know

With increased fears of a possible recession, investors seeking steady income may turn to stocks…


Houston-Based Avidian Wealth Solutions named one of the fastest-growing RIA firms in America

Avidian Wealth Solutions (formerly STA Wealth Management) has been identified by Citywire as one of…

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Roth Conversions Get More Attractive As Market Slides

Investors may be on pins and needles as the stock market dances on the precipice…

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How to Quell Clients’ 401(k) Balance Panic in Bear Markets: Advisors’ Advice

For the latest Advisors’ Advice, ThinkAdvisor asked advisors to tell us what they do to…

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60% of Americans Lose Sleep Over Finances: Here’s How To Ease Your Money Stress

Worrying about your money problems won’t make them go away. In fact, it can cause more stress and lead you to make mistakes

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As market sell-off continues, financial advisers are searching for answers

The equity market opened Monday to more red numbers as investors continue to head for…


Most Americans were feeling gloomy even before Thursday’s dramatic dive in stocks — and now they fear a prolonged bear market

In a matter of hours, promising signs of a stock market rally turned into pessimism, even…

Investment News

Advisers warn clients about ‘long, difficult bear market’

With both the stock and bond markets grinding through the kind of rough patch that hasn’t been…

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