Most Americans were feeling gloomy even before Thursday’s dramatic dive in stocks — and now they fear a prolonged bear market

In a matter of hours, promising signs of a stock market rally turned into pessimism, even…

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Advisers warn clients about ‘long, difficult bear market’

With both the stock and bond markets grinding through the kind of rough patch that hasn’t been…


A recession in the next 12 months is not in our base case’: Stocks are getting clobbered. Why smart investors are focusing on the long game.

The stock market ended a volatile week on a gloomy note Friday, with the three major…


What Is the Roth IRA 5-Year Rule?

One of the much-touted boons of the Roth individual retirement account (IRA) is your ability—at least,…


Planning fatigue’ from Biden tax plan sets advisors and clients on risky edge

Financial advisors can get worn down by demanding clients, especially those who harbor unreasonable expectations about market…

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Stock market pullback puts spotlight on Roth conversions

With most broad market indexes nestled into correction territory, financial advisers are steering clients toward…

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Meet Scott Bishop | Executive Director of Wealth Solutions at Avidian Wealth Solutions

We had the good fortune of connecting with Scott Bishop and we’ve shared our conversation.


Avidian Wealth Solutions enters 2022 with over $850 million in new assets under management

This growth places the independent wealth management firm at more than $3.4 Billion in total…

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