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7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Deciding To Retire

Few Americans save enough for retirement. Whether due to financial issues or a lack of foresight,…

USA Today

Being Paid To Quit? Tread Carefully On Buyout Offers

Your company is offering an early retirement package, and your first inclination might be to…

Wealth Management

When Retirement Comes Early

Scott Bishop is a financial planner in Houston, a city that has seen thousands of…

Morning Star

6 Questions to Ask Before Relocating in Retirement

There’s more to relocating in retirement than picking a warm spot and enjoying the future…

Houston Chronicle

Some Skilled Workers becoming Consultants After Layoffs

There are few things more dismaying than the long walk carrying a box to the…

Houston Chronicle

Employers to be More Accountable for 401(k) Plans

A recent Supreme Court ruling will expand the rights of employees to sue over their…


Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Roth IRA

You may think the only thing you have to know about a Roth IRA is…

The Washington Post

Torn Between Saving and Spending your Tax Refund? Here’s How you Can Do Both!

It’s a conundrum taxpayers face this time of year. Should they be responsible with their tax…

The Wall Street Journal

A Final Tax Chore for April

If you’re finished with your 2014 tax return, you may feel that epic annual struggle…

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