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Our team’s approach to total wealth management in Houston

High-net-worth individuals, families, and business owners often need a more complex approach to their financial services than what a single advisor can provide. For example, a business owner may require a wide range of expertise from their wealth managers that take into consideration aspects such as their current business model and financial goals, future retirement plans, an exit strategy, and tax planning.

With the ability to offer a coordinated team of advisors and professionals, our multidisciplinary team here at Avidian is able to look at the big picture to deliver financial advice from a holistic perspective, considering how each part of your wealth management plan overlaps.

Collaboration where it matters most

Who makes up a multidisciplinary team? Our team is made up of Certified Financial Planners™, investment specialists, CPAs, investment analysts, estate planning specialists, MBAs, and Ph.D.’s all dedicated to simplifying your financial life. Together, we work hard to meet your needs in a professional and responsive manner, working to provide you with a superior client experience. This collaborative approach is one of the biggest advantages of a multidisciplinary team.

Customized wealth management plans

By taking a multidisciplinary approach, our team here at Avidian Wealth Solutions is able to provide our clients with highly customized, efficient, and effective wealth management solutions tailored to meet them where they are in their financial journey.

Our customized plans give us the ability to bundle multiple areas of financial planning depending on your unique needs. Our wealth solutions include but are not limited to:

A family office experience

Many ultra-high-net-worth families enjoy the privacy, customization, and consolidation that a family office can provide them. However, they come at a steep cost. If you’re looking for a similar family office experience and the same suite of services, partnering with Avidian Wealth Solutions for your wealth management will give you just that. Because we use a multidisciplinary approach, we are able to offer you customized financial solutions in a family office environment.

Coordination with your existing attorneys and advisors

We understand the value your existing team of attorneys and advisors can bring to the table. In order to help you make the most informed decisions, we can coordinate with your entire financial team so that you don’t have to. Not only does this make your life a little easier, but it also helps us align with the other key players in your financial Rolodex and establishes that all formal documents are in good order too.

We’re ready to pivot when you are

Your financial needs will likely change throughout your lifetime. In instances where you’re working with a single advisor, the time may come when you outgrow their services. However, at Avidian Wealth Solutions, we grow with you. Whether you’ve decided it’s time to stop planning for retirement and enter into it or you’re looking to invest in a new business venture, our multidisciplinary team has the expertise to meet the demands of whatever is in your financial future without you having to rebuild trust with a new advisor.

Luke Patterson
Luke Patterson CEO, CIO