For financial planner Scott Bishop, of Avidian Wealth Solutions in Houston, Texas, the market downturn is a buying opportunity. His strategy with client money is to keep a portion of their portfolios, usually around 10%, in laddered Treasury bills spread out in two-week increments, going out about six months to a year. As each tranche comes due, he and clients decide how they are feeling about the market at that moment. 

“I ask: Are we OK putting money in? And if not, we’ll push it to the back of the line,” Bishop says, and reinvest it in Treasurys

If there’s a sudden buying opportunity, like the S&P 500 falling past a key support level, then he might accelerate the two-week cycle and sell the next maturing T-bills early to free up cash to buy equities.

“It’s instant-day liquidity, so I can deploy, and then I send an email to clients to update them,” Cash Deployment – Gloom casts a pall over the stock market. Financial experts say these are the ways you can stay invested. – MarketWatch