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Retirement planning services at Avidian

Retirement planning shouldn’t (and can’t) take place in a financial silo. That’s why we incorporate your retirement goals into a larger, comprehensive financial plan that takes into account your current lifestyle, financial goals, financial roadblocks, and more. Where other financial advisory firms may try to force your retirement aspirations into a cookie-cutter plan, we recognize that your retirement plans are specific to you, and create a plan for your retirement roadmap accordingly.

Retirement income planning

Your retirement income should allow you to comfortably handle both expected and unexpected expenses during retirement, from housing costs and entertainment expenses to short- and long-term medical care. The source(s) and amount of retirement income can depend highly on the age at which you retire as well as several other factors, including whether you plan on working after retirement.

When we build out your retirement plan, we keep the following retirement income considerations in mind.

  • Your budget and regular expenses
  • Adjusting your income for inflation
  • Whether or not you desire to continue working during your retirement
  • Employer pensions and severance pay
  • Optimization, contribution, and distribution strategies for 401Ks, IRAs, and other personal savings and investments
  • Social Security benefits
    • Early Social Security benefits (age 62)
    • Full retirement age (FRA) Social Security benefits (age 66-67)
    • Maximum value for Social Security (age 70)
  • Medicare (age 65)
  • Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) (age 70 ½)
  • Rental income
  • Life insurance policies
  • Your desires for transferring wealth, your estate, and gifting
  • And more …

Juggling all these different aspects of retirement planning can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and stressful. Working with a comprehensive financial planner at Avidian allows you to enjoy the wealth and security you’ve spent your life building.

Retirement investment planning

As you near retirement age, your investment goals, tolerance for risk, and appropriate investment types may change. In keeping with our comprehensive financial planning outlook, helping our clients navigate these changes is already baked into Avidian’s investment management strategy.

We believe that financial planning should be a conversation, not a monologue. Avidian’s financial advisors regularly monitor our client’s investment portfolio and are able to reach out to discuss adjustments and answer questions.

Maybe you’re considering an annuity, bonds, or mutual funds. Maybe you have questions or need recommendations about annual withdrawal rates. No matter the issue, an Avidian investment advisor is always here to discuss your portfolio and provide guidance.

Retirement and risk management

When most people think about risk management for retirement, one of the first things that often comes to mind is managing portfolio risk. Avidian clients can rest assured that our team of retirement financial advisors consistently monitors your portfolio for issues surrounding principal, purchasing power, and longevity, all with the goal of managing investment turns and volatility.

When building your financial plan, Avidian also takes into account another crucial aspect of risk management: insurance. Insurance acts as your last line of defense from the financial consequences of unforeseeable issues, including premature death, long-term disability, property damage, liability, etc. Our team can help review your current policies, check for gaps in coverage, and look for opportunities to optimize your coverage.

Retirement and estate planning

Even if you’re in great shape, it’s still never too early to begin putting the affairs of your estate in order. In our experience, clients who work on estate planning early enjoy significant peace of mind during their retirement once they know that their legacy is being protected and that everything necessary for passing on their assets is truly in order.

At Avidian, we include many aspects of estate planning as part of our comprehensive financial planning services. We coordinate with your estate attorney and tax advisor to implement effective and efficient tax strategies.

Luke Patterson
Luke Patterson CEO, CIO