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Active portfolio management designed for high-net-worth investors

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At Avidian Wealth Solutions, we understand the distinct financial challenges faced by high-net-worth investors and their families. Managing significant wealth requires a unique approach to asset management — and our Austin asset management solutions go beyond the scope of traditional financial planning to reflect that.

These challenges may include managing multiple income streams, navigating tax implications of significant wealth, ensuring the efficient transfer of wealth to the next generation, philanthropic planning, and maintaining an appropriate risk-return balance in an expansive investment portfolio. Not to mention that you’re likely facing the daunting task of trying to preserve your wealth while simultaneously fostering growth, and the pressures of constantly having to adapt to market fluctuations.

Dealing with these financial complexities requires a sophisticated, tailored approach that Avidian can work with you to create. From portfolio management to estate planning, our team of experienced professionals can provide the guidance and support needed to navigate the complexities of managing your wealth.

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What is asset management?

Asset management is the process of overseeing and managing assets owned by a high-earning individual or organization. Asset management is distinct from investment management in Austin, which often focuses on managing investments for a broader range of clients.

An asset management firm’s responsibility can include managing a variety of different types of assets such as financial investments, real estate, businesses, and personal property. In the context of wealth management, asset management can involve making investment decisions, monitoring performance, and adjusting strategies to achieve financial goals.

Asset management is an ongoing process, one that requires regular review and evaluation to keep investments aligned with the investor’s objectives and risk tolerance. By working with a professional asset manager, high-net-worth individuals can choose to have peace of mind knowing their assets are being managed in a thoughtful and strategic manner.

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Why choose Avidian for your asset management in Austin?

Access to private securities for qualified clients

As part of our Austin private wealth management services, we offer eligible clients the opportunity to explore several alternative investment vehicles, which include the opportunity to invest in non-publicly traded private securities.

Investing in private securities can present the potential for substantial returns, but it’s important to note that they come with greater inherent risks compared to publicly traded securities. Therefore, if you are interested in investing in private securities, you should utilize thorough research conducted by your trusted wealth management advisor before making any investments.

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Boutique family office environment designed to meet your unique needs

As a boutique family office in Austin, our registered investment advisor (RIA) firm intentionally aims to keep our client-to-advisor ratios low so that we can work towards delivering a higher level of personalized service and attention to you, our client.

Our boutique approach also means that we have the flexibility to tailor our services specifically to your needs, rather than offering cookie-cutter solutions. This allows us to go beyond traditional wealth management services and cater to the unique needs and goals of high-net-worth individuals by offering services including tax planning, education funding, exit planning, retirement planning in Austin, and more.

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Unique strategies that take into account taxes and risk

At Avidian, our advisors work out of multi-disciplinary teams who each take a comprehensive approach to asset management in Austin. That means that for us, managing your assets goes beyond simply managing investments using asset management tools, and incorporates all areas of your financial life. We understand the impact taxes can have on wealth preservation and growth, which is why we incorporate tax planning strategies into our asset management services.

Additionally, we work with you to assess and mitigate risk in your portfolio(s), working to strike an appropriate balance between risk and return. This approach allows us to tailor our strategies to fit your specific goals and circumstances.

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