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Equistar Wealth Management is proud to be partnering with Avidian Wealth Solutions! While Equistar will no longer be operating under its original name, clients can expect an even deeper level of service and expertise from the expanded team at Avidian.

As a fiduciary wealth management firm, Avidian works strictly in favor of our client’s best financial interests. Our multidisciplinary team includes Certified Financial Planners™, investment specialists, and MBAs working together in a family-office style environment to simplify the complexities of high-net-worth wealth management.

We’re thrilled to embark on this new chapter and are available to answer any questions you may have during the transition.

Read our full statement on the Equistar Acquisition.


Billion in client assets under management *

*AUM based on AWS current FORM ADV

Financial professionals

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Our Full-Circle Approach to Wealth Management

Our experienced team of wealth management professionals offers personalized solutions customized to fit your individual goals and circumstances, helping you consolidate your personal and professional finances into a cost-effective plan that evolves with you and your life.








Investment management

The goal of an investment portfolio is to generate a return that exceeds the risks taken. Our multi-disciplinary team of financial professionals has a deep understanding of investments, markets, and risk management strategies that help protect and grow client wealth over time, working to achieve positive outcomes while managing risk exposure appropriately.

How we help:

  • Thorough, tailored vetting and assembly of diverse investment opportunities
  • Monitoring, reallocation, and trading to maximize gains and minimize risk
  • Access to private offerings*

Learn more about our investment management strategies.
*For qualified clients only

Our Full-Circle Approach to Wealth Management

At Avidian Wealth Solutions, we provide wealth planning solutions personally crafted to help you achieve financial stability, meet your long-term goals, and develop a plan for the future.


Risk Management is an important component of our financial planning and asset management process. We strive to assist our clients in prudently addressing longevity, purchasing power, volatility, and principal risks.


Our financial planning and investment management processes are structured to ensure that all factors facing investors are fully vetted and considered when selecting appropriate strategies.


Creating unique solutions around every unique client, we focus on your best interest at all times.

New Client FAQs

Will there be any changes to my Schwab account with Equistar Investment Advisor?

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We aim for the transition to Avidian to be seamless. Your Schwab account will move from Equistar Investment Advisor to Avidian Investment Advisor. You will retain the same account number and Schwab login details.

Will my financial plan undergo any changes?

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Your financial plan will continue in the same format as before, maintaining consistency and alignment with your financial goals and objectives.

Will Equistar's office location change as a result of the acquisition?

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Equistar will remain at the same office location, providing accessibility and familiarity for our valued clients. The only change is that Equistar will be operating under the Avidian name.

How will Laura and Jenny's involvement change with the acquisition?

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Laura and Jenny will continue to be actively involved in serving their clients. In fact, because of the acquisition Laura and Jenny have the capacity to offer clients an even broader range of services, and can provide an even higher level of continuity in their financial planning journey.

What new benefits can clients expect from Avidian's acquisition of Equistar?

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Clients will now have access to a team of 50 professionals dedicated to their financial success. Additionally, they will benefit from access to our deep investment team, who can help provide even more comprehensive and strategic investment management.

Furthermore, clients can have confidence that even after Jenny’s retirement, their accounts and financial plans will continue seamlessly, providing long-term peace of mind and stability.

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