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Why Avidian Wealth Solutions is a match for medical professionals in all stages of their careers

Should physicians have a financial advisor who works in the medical field? Physicians and other medical professionals looking for a medical financial advisor should hire a wealth management firm that understands the unique needs of medical professionals.

In an industry founded on integrity, it is also vital that medical professionals hire high-net-worth financial planning professionals with a reputation for honesty and transparency. The wealth management professionals at Avidian Wealth Solutions are held to the fiduciary standard of care, making them partners who will act in your best interest 100% of the time.

Risk management strategies

We understand that the medical field comes with significant exposure to liability, and know that reduction of risk in your portfolio is an essential way to help protect your assets and minimize your overall exposure to risk.

Avidian’s approach to risk management includes the following, among others:

  • Principal. The risk of having certain positions drop to zero.
  • Volatility. The risk of needing to sell investments at inopportune times.
  • Purchasing power. The risk of your investments having their value diminished.
  • Longevity. The risk of your assets not lasting as long as you need them to.

While Avidian offers personalized and comprehensive risk management, affected by your specific circumstances and other areas of your finances, our overall approach remains conservative and goal-based. We will never take on excessive risk in order to outperform a specific index, we instead keep your well-being top of mind.

Investment management for medical professionals

Why trust Avidian to manage your investment portfolio? Avidian offers an approach toward investment that is:

  • Customized and conservative. We tailor our approach to your finances and focus on meeting your financial goals.
  • Research-based and vetted. Our investments are selected by our investment committee through a rigorous process that weighs each piece of your portfolio’s purpose, risk, and potential for return.
  • Monitored and adjusted. Selections are not forever. We regularly monitor and adjust positions in an effort to maximize gains and minimize risk, rebalancing your portfolio and protecting your investment.
  • Comprehensive and continuous. Because Avidian is made up of a team of multidisciplinary professionals, you get a lot more than just checking in to see how your positions are faring. Your finances are treated truly holistically, for as long as you work with us.

Managing investments in a volatile market takes a disciplined and patient approach. Portfolios can rarely be managed successfully in a vacuum and need to be reappraised more than just a few times a year. By switching to Avidian Wealth Solutions for fiduciary investment management, you can rest assured that your portfolio is in good hands — even when yours are too busy to check.

Retirement planning for medical professionals

After a lifetime of service to their patients, medical professionals should be able to look forward to a long, stable retirement, and have no doubt in their minds that their retirement plan is taken care of.

As is the case with all financial planning for doctors and other medical professionals, your retirement plan should be unique to your goals and your current financial situation. When planning for your well-deserved retirement from medicine, a cooker-cutter retirement plan won’t do.

Avidian offers personalized services for retirement planning in Houston and Austin. We understand the importance of working your retirement plan into a larger, more holistic financial plan, that includes your tax obligations, investment portfolio, and overall financial goals, to ensure that your retirement is triple-checked and reinforced.

Find transformative financial planning for medical professionals at Avidian

Avidian offers comprehensive financial planning for medical professionals looking to optimize their wealth now while preparing for tomorrow. With Avidian as your Austin or Houston financial management partner, you’re not just getting wealth management, you’re getting solutions to all of wealth’s complex problems, and access to a network of multidisciplinary financial professionals.

With Avidian your investment managers, risk managers, retirement planners, estate planning advisors, and more, will all work together under the same roof. We can coordinate with your attorneys and other trusted advisors to integrate your financial life and give you maximum peace of mind. That’s the Avidian Difference.

Luke Patterson
Luke Patterson CEO, CIO