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Financial risk management for individuals & families

Avidian creates comprehensive, customized financial plans for our clients. These plans take into account your specific assets, liabilities, and short-term and long-term goals, and are designed using a rigorous, transparent process that incorporates financial risk management at all stages. 

For individuals and families, risk management can apply to two broad, often overlapping financial areas: investment management and estate planning / insurance.


Investment risk management at Avidian

Avidian’s customized, research-based investment portfolios are professionally vetted, consistently monitored, and target two primary goals: superior returns and below-average volatility. An integral part of achieving these goals is strategic investment risk management.

Avidian’s comprehensive approach ensures proactive monitoring for several types of risks. Generally speaking, we take a comprehensive approach to managing for risks involving:

  • Principal: The risk of having specific investments go to zero
  • Volatility: The risk of needing to sell a specific investment at an inopportune time
  • Purchasing power: The risk of inflation diminishing the value of your investments
  • Longevity: The risk of outliving your assets

While each portfolio is different, our core approach remains conservative; we never confine our tactics to outperforming a specific index, as this takes on excessive risk.

To see how Avidian handles investment management, including investment selection, please visit our investment management page.


Estate risk management and insurance at Avidian

In our experience, planning for the future often involves a certain degree of risk, but smart financial risk management can help diminish these risks and set you and your family up for success.

Avidian coordinates with your estate attorney (and any other advisors or accountants) to make sure that your estate’s financial affairs are in order. We strive to provide success using prudent strategies for anticipating and addressing any potential issues involving asset protection, liquidity, estate tax funding, and other tax strategies.

Our estate planning and risk management services also involve helping you prepare financially for potential long-term health care needs, long-term disability, as well as means of protecting your family from the financial consequences of a premature death.

While insurance may be the “last line of defense” in risk management, that doesn’t make it any less essential. Our team will help review your current insurance policies to make sure they’re up-to-date, check for gaps in coverage, and assess and compare policies to make sure you have the best policies for your needs. Polices we monitor include but are not limited to:

  • Life insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Medicare
  • Property & casualty insurance

Financial risk management & debt strategies for businesses

Businesses come with their own set of financial risks, with most issues centering around cash flow, insurance plans, and succession planning. Avidian can advise business owners to develop effective risk management strategies for:

  • Using cash flow to leverage or eliminate debt
  • Benefit analysis of cash purchase versus financing
  • Collateralized lending strategies
  • Business estate planning and/or business succession
  • Determining proper valuation
  • Business retirement and liquidation

Avidian can help business owners address these issues in a prudent, strategic manner to help reduce risk and increase the potential for successful business growth. For more information about our business risk management services, please visit our business owners page.

Why trust Avidian’s risk management strategy?

Avidian is a fiduciary firm, meaning that our advisors are legally required to act in your best interests and provide you with the highest standard of care. Financial risk is something many prefer not to think about; knowing that your financial affairs are being handled by a fiduciary instead of a broker can provide invaluable peace of mind.

For investments, one of the best financial risk management strategies is to start with a portfolio that is built using a disciplined, thorough screening process. At Avidian, our investment committee does just that, weighing each position within the portfolio risk models relative to its specific purpose and potential return metrics.

Holistic risk management involves more than just checking up on your portfolio. At Avidian, we use top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art, third-party technology (no proprietary software products) to test and build a complete financial plan for our clients.

To reduce risk, Avidian monitors our clients’ portfolios meticulously, and investments are reallocated or sold as necessary in an effort to maximize gains and protect the underlying investment capital. Our team also regularly meets with our clients to discuss and update other aspects of their financial plan, including asset management, insurance policies, and business needs.

Who will handle my financial planning at Avidian?

The Avidian Wealth Solutions team of Certified Financial Planners™, investment specialists, CPAs, investment analysts, estate planning specialists, and MBAs. Our team works together to ensure your needs are met in a professional and responsive manner. By bringing together the best people with diverse backgrounds and a shared mission, we strive to simplify your financial life and give you a superior client experience.

Luke Patterson
Luke Patterson CEO, CIO