Financial Planning for High Net Worth Individuals and Families

Not sure if you need a financial advisor? We encourage you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • If you own a business, do you have a well-defined succession strategy? Are you prepared for future sales or mergers?
  • Are you paying too much in taxes?
  • Do you have a plan for the unexpected?
  • Does your current financial advisor actively review your affairs and regularly check in with you? Can you remember the last time you spoke with them?
  • Does your current financial plan take into consideration multi-generational wealth transfer and allow you to leave the legacy you want for your children or grandchildren?
  • Do you have a holistic understanding of your current assets, liabilities, and net worth?
  • Is your financial plan set up in such a way to endure issues and accomplish your goals within your desired timelines?

When you work with our team of multidisciplinary high-net-worth advisors, you will confidently be able to answer “yes” to every one of these questions. Learn more about how Avidian can help with financial planning for high-net-worth individuals and families by contacting us today.


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Tax planning

With the right strategies in place, taxes don’t have to have a significant impact on your hard-earned wealth. Avidian’s financial advisors offer tax planning in Houston for high-net-worth individuals and families, utilizing a disciplined, tax-sensitive process based on time-tested fundamentals that aim to reduce the impact of taxes in multiple areas of your financial plan.

Our high-net-worth tax strategies include optimizing estate tax, tax-efficient gifting, IRA/Roth IRA funding and utilization, as well as managing tax-efficient investment portfolios and conducting strategic tax return reviews. By approaching your wealth management with this in mind, we are able to maximize your income, tax savings, and investment returns.

Retirement and wealth transfer strategies

You’ve worked hard to grow and preserve your wealth. Avidian can help you ensure that your legacy will be transferred across multiple generations. In our experience, clients who have thought through the terms, conditions, and predicted outcomes for the passing of their assets early on are able to retire with greater peace of mind, knowing that their family is prepared to oversee their assets and carry on their guiding principles. 

At Avidian, our fiduciary firm can collaborate with you, your estate attorney, and tax advisor(s) to help you make informed decisions in areas such as tax-sensitive wealth transfer, legacy planning, reviewing and updating wills, estate planning for high net worth families, evaluating your retirement accounts, and succession planning.

Investment management and asset allocation

Just like no family is the same, no investment strategy should be the same either. Your investment portfolio should take advantage of both passive and active investment vehicles that are completely unique to you and your financial goals. Because we are a fiduciary financial advisory firm, your best interests are placed ahead of our own in every aspect of your financial plan including investment management

We use third-party solutions (no proprietary software products) to determine tax-efficient, cost-effective, and customized portfolio allocations that align with your long-term financial goals. So, you can rest assured that our team of fiduciary-certified financial planners is optimizing your portfolio regularly and meticulously.

Risk management

Don’t just expect the unexpected. Plan for it. With Avidian’s financial risk management strategies, you can do just that. We work closely with high-net-worth individuals and families to create a personalized, conservative approach to wealth that prioritizes risk management. Our team of financial advisors consistently monitors and manages your portfolio, watching for investment turns and market volatility.

When establishing your customized financial plan, we use a thorough, repeatable, and time-tested process that keeps your risk tolerance, long-term comfort, and success in mind.

What makes financial planning at Avidian different?

Avidian Wealth Solutions is a fiduciary financial firm. Meaning that unlike other types of brokers, we are legally obligated to put your best interests first, offering you the highest standard of care. What does this mean for you? Boutique, trustworthy financial planning for high-net-worth individuals and families.Whether you’re nearing retirement and want to establish a plan for your succession or are already retired and want to maximize your investment strategies, we will work directly with you and your established team of professionals to handle our respective areas of expertise.

Our goal is simple. Help you enjoy the life you’ve built while protecting it against whatever might come next.

This is the Avidian difference.

Luke Patterson
Luke Patterson CEO, CIO