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Alternative Investing Solutions in Houston

Safeguarding your long-term wealth against potential risks.

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If you are a high-net-worth investor looking for ways to diversify your portfolio while seeking maximum returns with lower market risk, you may want to consider alternative investing.

Alternative investment funds provide asset options outside of traditional investments such as venture capital, hedge funds, managed futures, private capital, and real estate — to name a few. These investment vehicles could help stabilize your portfolio against some market risks.

The alternative asset market is anything but easy to navigate without a trusted advisor like those at Avidian Wealth Solutions. We offer clients a complete range of wealth management services including investment management in Houston to help you stay ahead of the changing markets. From navigating changing market trends to improving your strategy over time, we’re your premier partner when looking to increase efficiency across your investment strategy.

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What are alternative investments?

Alternative investments are financial assets outside of conventional investments like stocks, bonds, and cash. Alternatives often have higher minimum investment requirements and fee structures, making them a strategy that is typically only accessible to high-net-worth investors.

Incorporating alternative investments into your investment strategy can have multiple benefits including:

  • Increasing portfolio stability as alternative investments are not tied to the market
  • Potential for higher returns
  • Earning passive income (depending on the investment vehicle)

That said, alternative investments don’t come without their risk. Because most alternative investments are fairly illiquid, you gamble with the potential of not being able to sell them or acquire a fair valuation.

In addition, most alternative investments are not registered and therefore are not subject to the same reporting requirements placed on publicly traded investments. You should always conduct thorough due diligence when considering private placements.

Due to the inherent risk of alternative investment strategies, it is best to work with an established wealth management firm, like Avidian Wealth Solutions, that has experience helping high-net-worth investors successfully diversify their portfolios with alternative investments. With a good risk management strategy and advice from a fiduciary wealth manager, alternative investments can provide a stable way to meet your long-term financial goals.

Some alternative investment vehicles we may recommend include:

Hedge funds

Hedge funds are pools of money that seek to invest in publicly traded securities across global markets. This investment vehicle can be highly risky as investors may opt to use borrowed funds with the hopes of a higher return.

Managed futures

Managed future funds attempt to maximize the potential of rising and falling trends in markets such as finances and commodities. This type of alternative investment vehicle can see higher returns during market declines, making them appealing to investors.

Private capital

Private capital is an umbrella term that includes any equity investments in private companies that can later be sold off for a profit. This could look like buying out a failing business and restructuring it or investing in a startup with strong potential.

Real estate

Real estate, including farmland, arts, and antiques, is typically accessible to all investors unlike some of the above vehicles that are only available for those with high minimum investments. These assets typically offer a hedge against inflation and are not dependent on the performance of the market.


Inflation has been a serious concern for today’s investors making tangible assets like commodities, or any economic good such as gold, grain, oil, and natural gas, appealing. The goal with commodities is to buy them at a low price and sell them when they’ve appreciated in value.

Incorporate alternative investment strategies into your wealth plan with Avidian Wealth Solutions

Boutique family office experience

Avidian Wealth Solutions offers our clients a boutique family office experience that provides cost-efficient access to a similar suite of services that are available in a single-family office. We work in highly credentialed, specialized teams to bring you the best advice in everything from portfolio diversification and retirement planning to taxation solutions and investment risk management.

By partnering with us for alternative investing, you gain access to multiple perspectives all driven to help you integrate alternative investment management strategies that complement your existing investment strategy.

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Ongoing regulation of your alternative investment funds

Navigating the risks and benefits of each alternative investment vehicle, and ultimately coming to a careful selection of alternatives, is just the beginning. Your alternative investment strategy needs to include a plan for managing data, tracking market trends, reporting on the asset’s performance, and reassessing how your investments work towards helping you meet your overall financial goals as circumstances change.

At Avidian Wealth Solutions, our partnership doesn’t stop after we meet your initial needs for investment and financial planning in Houston. We offer ongoing monitoring of your investment portfolio so that you can feel confident in your efforts to maximize your gains while looking to protect your initial investment.

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Reduce risk across your overall portfolio

Alternative investments may not be affected by turbulence in a volatile market, there are inherent risks you agree to take on when adding them to your portfolio. Our approach to financial risk management in Houston considers the areas where different financial areas overlap, (i.e. if you are using alternative investment management strategies to help fund your retirement) so that we are able to plan for and mitigate any potential risks. We can also offer guidance when comparing the ratio of risk and return for any alternative assets

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