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Asset Management in Houston, Texas

Diversify your portfolio with different investment vehicles.

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Whether you’re seeking professional advice for assets you already own, or are looking to diversify your portfolio with financial assets like mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and other investments, partnering with Avidian Wealth Solutions for your asset management in Houston can work to simplify the complexities of selecting and managing your assets.

As your fiduciary partner in wealth management, we can help you realize your objectives and align your investment strategy to each stage of your life’s journey through retirement, estate planning, and even business succession planning.

If you are looking to take advantage of the diversification potential financial assets can offer, schedule a consultation with one of our wealth advisors today!


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What is an asset manager?

An asset manager is a professional who manages investments and financial products on behalf of their clients. The goal of an asset manager is to help clients maximize returns while limiting risk, in line with the client’s individual objectives and preferences. Asset managers can work with individuals, families, or institutional investors.

Is asset management the same as a financial advisor?

Asset management is not the same as financial advising. While both may involve managing investments, a financial advisor typically provides advice and guidance in the form of tailored investment strategies while an asset manager tends to be more focused on buying and selling investments on behalf of their clients.

To help paint a clearer picture, an asset management example could be an individual investor who is looking to diversify their portfolio by investing in different types of securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other financial assets. This investor would work with their asset manager to create a tailored investment strategy that takes into account their goals, risk tolerance, and timeline. The asset manager would then buy and sell the appropriate investments to help the client reach their desired results.

At Avidian, our investment management services can include proactive investment selection, monitoring, reallocating, and selling — as necessary.

Why work with Avidian for asset management in Houston?

Gain access to a family-office experience without the cost

Not only is Avidian Wealth Solutions a Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA), but we also function similarly to a single-family office by offering a multitude of wealth management services through a boutique family office experience.

As such, we work in specialized, highly credentialed teams all dedicated to creating confidence in your financial future. From diversifying your portfolio through your working years to protecting your legacy for your children and your children’s children, we aim to help you create a wealth management plan that helps you achieve the life you’ve envisioned for yourself.

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Continue your legacy across the next generations

Our private asset management supports your continued financial success, helping you to preserve the legacy you’re hoping to leave behind. Tell us your vision for your family’s future and we will help you incorporate different types of assets into your estate plan in a way that helps you achieve that, whether you want to hold these assets outright or protect them in a trust.

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Plan for and mitigate risk within your wealth plan

There is an inherent risk in every decision you make which is why we incorporate financial risk management in Houston into every wealth plan we create. Our goal when it comes to asset management specifically is to help you obtain visibility into and plan for the potential risk of each type of asset vehicle and how it could affect your complete financial plan now and in the future.

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Leverage tax strategies to reduce their impact on your initial investment

Taxes are an inevitable part of buying, owning, and selling financial assets. Although they are unavoidable, we can offer solutions that work to offset their burden with our tax planning services in Houston. Depending on the specialty asset you’re interested in investing in, we can suggest portfolio allocation and tax strategies that are designed to weather changing market conditions, protecting your initial investment.

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