Scott Bishop, Executive VP of Financial Planning for Avidian Wealth Management hosts a special edition of the STA Money Hour with guest Kevin Lenox.  Kevin is one of the newest additions to the STA team and brings with him decades of experience both as a CFA® and as a CFP®.  On the show, Scott and Kevin talked about many issues hitting our clients and listeners in Texas – the issues in the oil and gas sector.  With their experience working with executives, employees, and retirees from energy companies, they co-wrote this article “The Hits Keep Coming to the Energy Sector as Exxon Gets Booted from the Dow – and How This May Impact Your Portfolio and Financial Plan”.

Although the stock market has started has rallied in recent weeks, many sectors have yet to rebound.  With that in mind, Kevin and Scott oil and gas stocks in terms of the impact on your portfolio and the ancillary impacts on your planning – especially for those working in this sector and very specifically with those that work or have worked for ExxonMobil.


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