Wealth planning at Avidian

At Avidian Wealth Solutions, you’ll find a different approach from other financial companies in that we firmly believe that superior financial planning involves much more than just retirement projections, portfolio allocation, or insurance solutions. Instead, it should be tailored to support and protect your financial future, and to fully realize objectives and goals as individualized as you are. Our thorough and in-depth approach encompasses understanding of your particular situation, and careful analysis of multiple and often complex options to identify and implement just the right solutions.

We employ a proven-effective seven-step wealth planning process:


    Your current situation and long-term goals, as well as key documents that should be gathered to enhance our understanding of your needs and facilitate further discussions and planning activities

  • 2. ANALYZE

    Your family assets and objectives to determine any problems, issues, gaps, or opportunities that might require further investigation and clarification

  • 3. TEST

    Multiple scenarios using state-of-art financial planning tools and Web-based software, to project possible solutions and determine the most effective options and ideas for you

  • 4. PROPOSE

    Solutions reflecting our findings, observations, and potential opportunities to meet goals and at value, at no cost or obligation to you—after which we’ll present a financial planning agreement outlining costs for building, implementing our strategies if you choose to proceed


    Specific actions via a detailed plan and timeline, with the clear understanding that implementation of any financial planning recommendations are entirely at your discretion


    The agreed-upon ideas and strategies, coordinating with your team of advisors, attorneys, and accountants to implement your planning goals, while you have the option to use one of Avidian Wealth Solutions’s advisors to manage your portfolio by signing a separate advisory agreement

  • 7. UPDATE

    You by meeting periodically to review the impacts of any changes to your situation and financial goals on your individualized plan, and help you organize key documents and other personal data on our secure planning website as desired

Wealth planning is an ongoing process at Avidian, not a singular event that many experience at other firms

Investment Process

Avidian Wealth Solutions’ investment process is rigorous, repeatable, and transparent, featuring a research-driven approach created to advance two primary investment portfolio goals: superior returns and below-average volatility.

Our investment committee selects investments using a disciplined, thorough screening process, by weighing each position within the portfolio model relative to its specific purpose, risk, and potential return metrics. Once selections are made, the portfolio and every position within it are regularly and meticulously monitored, reallocated, and sold as necessary to maximize gains, reduce risk, and protect the underlying investment capital.

Advisor in client meeting

Personal Commitment

At Avidian Wealth Solutions we don’t limit our desired outcomes to simply outperforming a specific index and potentially taking excessive portfolio risk. Instead, our most important target is achieving the returns necessary to meet your specific investment objectives, and every portfolio management step and decision is guided by that personal commitment to you.

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Our conservative approach to wealth management is built to help our clients thrive through even the most turbulent market conditions.

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