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Published on: 11/21/2023 • 5 min read

What Are Family Office Financial Services?

High-net-worth families face additional challenges when it comes to maintaining and growing their significant wealth, challenges that might not be met by the traditional financial services experience. The good news is that family office financial services exist to meet the unique and complex challenges of the high-net-worth individual, and may be able to help your family put plans in place that aim to secure and optimize your wealth. 

Family offices provide a wide range of financial services, all the way from wealth management to more niche services like estate planning, to help a family preserve (and grow) their wealth over generations. In this article, the financial professionals from Avidian Wealth Solutions discuss what makes a family office, who might need a family office, and give you an idea of what a family office can provide for you.

What is a financial family office?

What is a family office? Financial family offices are essentially personalized wealth management firms that offer an array of financial services alongside investment management that traditional wealth management providers may not offer, such as estate management and planning, retirement planning, and so on. 

There are generally two types of family offices: single-family and multi-family.

  • Single-family offices cater exclusively to the needs of one ultra-high-net-worth family, managing all aspects of their financial life with a group of dedicated professionals. 
  • Multi-family offices aim to offer a similar experience but for multiple high-net-worth families as opposed to a single one. Multi-family offices aim to provide the same level of care and attention and are seen as a cost-effective alternative to the single-family office.

But why the family office structure? What are the benefits of using family office wealth management as opposed to a traditional model? The purpose of the family office structure is to give high-net-worth families a centralized hub for all of their wealth management needs, putting all of their financial professionals under one roof and offering privacy, efficiency, and increased access to expertise. 

Who needs a family office?

Family offices are not for everyone, but they can be invaluable for individuals and families with complex financial situations and significant wealth. Here are some key factors that might indicate that a family office is right for you and your family:

  • You have substantial wealth. Family offices are generally for high-net-worth individuals and families. If your investable net worth is upwards of one million dollars, you should consider partnering with a firm that offers a boutique family office experience. 
  • Your family’s finances are very complex. If your family has a significant amount of assets that include many asset classes, international assets, or very high tax liability, a family office can help you navigate these complexities. 
  • You want a financial plan unique to you. A family office can provide financial solutions tailored to your specific needs and financial goals, unlike traditional wealth management services. 
  • You’re about to transfer generational wealth. If you’re looking to preserve your wealth for generations to come, a family office can help you develop estate plans and succession strategies to help you work to ensure that your legacy lasts long after you’re gone. 
  • You have a large estate and value privacy. Working with a family office can make sure that your finances remain confidential. By consolidating your financial affairs under one roof you can be sure that your private information remains just that — private. 

A family office can provide high-net-worth individuals and families with a dedicated team creating comprehensive solutions based on a holistic view of their entire financial life. If a family office sounds like something that you could benefit from, Avidian Wealth Solution might be able to help. 

What services are provided by a family office?

Family offices offer a wide range of services that work together to help high-net-worth individuals and families effectively manage and grow their wealth. Family office services are always tailor-made to fit your financial needs, and can include the following:

  1. Investment management services
  2. Tax planning services
  3. Risk management strategies
  4. Estate planning services
  5. Retirement planning services
  6. Charitable giving strategies

The specific family office services provided by a firm offering a family office experience should depend on your specific financial needs. A family office should provide whichever services you need in order to optimize your wealth and plan for your family’s future. 

*Please note that while a boutique family office experience can meet multiple areas of your financial plan, it does not replace the need for other professionals in your corner. You should still maintain personnel such as attorneys and accountants who can collaborate with your financial advisors. 

Ask about the family office financial services offered by Avidian Wealth Solutions

If you don’t already have a single-family office and are interested in what family office financial services can do for your family, set up a conversation with Avidian Wealth Solutions to discuss how a family office experience could be beneficial for your financial landscape. Setting up a family office can require a steep overhead and can be both complex and time-consuming to manage. That’s why, Avidian offers a boutique family office experience that offers you a similar suite of family office services, but at a fraction of the cost of a traditional single-family office. 

Whether you’re looking for Houston family offices, Austin family offices, or need comprehensive wealth management in The Woodlands or Sugar Land, TX, Avidian Wealth Solutions offers a family office experience that can help take the complexity out of planning for the future, meeting your goals, and building your legacy. 

Schedule a conversation with Avidian today to get started. 

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