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Published on: 01/07/2019 • 5 min read

Are You Riding the Stock Market “Roller Coaster”?

Written By: Scott Bishop, MBA, CPA/PFS, CFP®

*Updated October 27th, 2022

For many years, I have been writing articles on coordinating your investment discipline with your overall Financial Plan.  Some of my recent articles talk about “Stress Testing” your portfolio and better aligning your overall portfolio allocation with your Financial Plan.  The goal is to give you the ability to have accountability in your Investment Planning towards meeting the goals in your overall financial plan.

Over the past year, I have been called by MANY journalists asking for some of my opinions on the markets and how to help clients deal with this volatility.  At Avidian Wealth Solutions, many of these articles are listed in our “In the News” section of our website.  I also publish many of these on my twitter account @ScottB_CFP – please follow me to continue to see my thoughts.  Also, if you are concerned about the markets, please call us so we can help you make prudent investment decisions aligned with your personal goals and objectives.

Back in 2019, I created this article with ideas on how to have better investment discipline when riding the stock market roller coaster.  I thought it was about time to update it for thoughts during the recent bear market of 2022 and surviving any upcoming Recession.

Top 25 Avidian “In The News” on Market Volatility and Planning Ideas – since 2020:

  1. MarketWatch: Panic is not an investment strategy. How financial advisers can help you think through the unthinkable.
  2. CNBC: Is it time to consider Alternative Investments even if you are young?
  3. MarketWatch: How best to stay invested as gloom casts pall over the stock market?
  4. Yahoo Finance:  Recession is Coming – Should you Consider Dividends?
  5. CNBC:  Should you use Alternative Investments to Diversify during Volatility?
  6. FA Magazine:  Should you consider Roth Conversions during market slide?
  7. GoBankingRates:  60% of Americans Lose Sleep Over Finances – How to Ease Stress
  8. InvestmentNews:  As Market Sell-Off Continues, Searching for Answers
  9. MarketWatch:  With Recession coming in next 12 months, focus on long game
  10. MarketWatch:  Cautionary Tale about Dangers of Jumping on Wall Street Bandwagon
  11. BankRate:  How to Choose the Right Financial Advisor – 6 Tips
  12. GoBankingRates:  9 Warnings Signs That You Should Fire your Financial Advisor
  13. InvestmentNews:  Considerations Related to the ESG Investing Trend?
  14. GoBankingRates:  How not to Screw Up Your Retirement Once You’re There.
  15. Investopedia:  Early Retirement – Strategies to Make Your Wealth Last
  16. KTRH NewsRadio AM 740:  Edgy Economy – Inflation, Interest Rates Cause Concern
  17. ThinkAdvisor:  11 Big Investment Mistakes made by Clients and Advisors
  18. Dallas Morning News:  Is it Wise to Build a Retirement on Real Estate?
  19. Yahoo Finance:  What to do with an Inheritance
  20. FPA:  7 Tips to Protect and Preserve Wealth on Brink of Recession
  21. Barron’s:  He Retired the Week the Dow Slid 12% – Wake-up Call on your Portfolio
  22. AP News:  Beware of Over-Hyped Financial Strategies
  23. FPA:  financial Realist’s Guide to Preparing for Next Economic Downturn
  24. YahooFinance:  16 Reasons You Don’t Need to Panic About Next Recession
  25. KTRH NewsRadio AM 740:  Don’t let the Wall Street Roller Coaster Catch you By Surprise

Top 16 Avidian “In The News” on Market Volatility and Planning Ideas – before 2020:

  1. Wall Street Journal: Retiring soon?  Planning for market downturns.
  2. Houston CPA Society Forum: How to stay sane in crazy markets
  3. US News: Differences between tactical and strategic asset allocation
  4. The Street: Can you visualize Your retirement dreams?
  5. Investopedia:  Do you have the right financial advisor?
  6. Forbes: Dealing with volatile markets
  7. Horsesmouth: How much “Advisor Alpha” are you getting from your advisor?
  8. Pursuit of Happiness Radio: Investing in high volatility (radio interview on KTRH)
  9. Forbes: Six tips for managing financial risks in middle age
  10. Magnify Money: How to prepare for the next recession
  11. Forbes: Eight factors for business owners to consider before retiring
  12. CNBC: Worried about IRA fraudsters stealing your money (self-directed IRA scams)
  13. InsuranceNews: Investors comfortable yet terrified of risk
  14. Advisor News: How advisors can prepare for a bear market
  15. Investment News: How financial advisors are dealing with market tumble
  16. Reuters: Got Cash?  What to do with it right now


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