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Mineral, oil, and gas assets

With our experience advising oil and gas professionals, we understand the complexities that come with working in and owning mineral, oil, and/or gas assets. Our team can perform annual reviews of your revenue versus expenses, review taxes and make recommendations to minimize your tax burden, and help you navigate and monitor the risks associated with owning these types of assets.

Real estate

From single-family homes and multifamily residential properties to commercial properties and agricultural properties, real estate ownership is a fairly accessible way to diversify your investment portfolio. We can provide you strategic guidance on selecting a property, serve as a liaison between beneficiaries, and regroup with you annually to take an in-depth look at its performance when compared to market value.

Private business

Avidian Wealth Solutions offers financial planning for business owners, including asset management services, to help them plan for, manage, and protect their closely held business interests. Risk management, business succession planning, and strategic planning are all services umbrellaed in our wealth management for executives.

Farm and ranch

Whether your land has been a part of your family for generations or you’re looking to acquire farmland as an investment, our team can perform annual performance reviews, support you when it comes time to buy or sell, and offer advice on how farm or ranch land could affect your overall financial plan.


Timberland offers a unique set of benefits as its appreciation is typically uncorrelated with other markets. Similarly to farm and ranch land, our team can help you strategize to enhance the value of your land, provide insights based on current market conditions, and perform annual reviews.

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